Before and after the BIG interview

There are loads of blogs out there telling you the things that you should and shouldn’t do around your interview, so I realise that some of the points that I’ll make have been mentioned before, but as I’ve been in recruitment for a while as a recruitment consultant and as an in-house recruiter, there are some things to consider that might not be as obvious as you think.


Prepare like you’ve never done before! Remember the recruitment world changes all the time and gone are the days where you could get away with having a nosey about the business at your local library. The person/s that will be sat at the opposite side of the table asking you the questions will expect more… a lot more!

1. Research the business. The internet is great, but don’t limit the search to the company website. Let Google be your friend and see what else there is out there about the company including press releases, financial statements, takeovers etc. Commit the most important points to memory as it won’t look great if you just print a load of stuff of and take it into the interview.

2. Research the interviewer and their team/department. It’s becoming more and more commonplace for a business to look you up beforehand (yes that includes your Facebook page!). So what to research? Well once again, let Google be your friend. Consider looking the interviewer and business up on LinkedIn – that’s particularly a good idea if the role you’re interviewing for includes social media! Consider calling the company directly and either explain who you are and why your calling, or maybe consider doing some insider research e.g. if it’s a customer services role, call the customer services line and see what your experience is like.

3. Put something together to take into the interview. Remember (particularly important if you’ve gone via an agency) to take some copies of your CV as the version that the interviewer has (agencies could have changed it/removed/added things) may be completely different. Take some additional information. That information could be a list of achievements, projects, presentations, spreadsheet of savings… you get the idea. One final point though… and this is the best bit – put your contact details including you phone number/email address etc – it’s like a business card.


The crucial part really as it’s the lasting impression that you leave and is often the part that separates you from your competition…

1. So the interview is just about to end and you’ve asked your “Killer questions” (a blog to follow on this!)… What should you do before you shake their hand and say goodbye? Hand them the additional information – that includes your contact details. You’ll probably be the only person they interview that does it and it will be the thing that they refer back to and remember you by. Also add the words “Don’t hesitate to contact me afterwards if there is anything else you need to know” to your farewell.

2. If you have their email, or if you’re connected to them on Social Media – particularly LinkedIn, drop them a quick, polite and professional note thanking them for their time, how you enjoyed meeting them and reaffirming your interest in the position.

3. Check your voicemail works (if you don’t have, one get one) and make sure that what they hear as your intro message is appropriate! Check your inbox for emails. Respond to either in a professional appropriate and speedy manner!

Good luck – you’re better that the competition so do things differently!

About colincrowley2012

Group Recruitment Manager at Kcom, a specialist in in-house recruitment manager within the telecoms and IT market.
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